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The 2018 End of Season Show Costume List

Tiny RDX Dancers

Tiny Ballet & Jazz (age 2-3, 3-4)– (“Teddy Bear”) PJs of your choice, Pink Ballet slippers, Teddy Bear.

Tiny Tap (age 2-4)– (“Friend Like Me”) Denim overalls of your choice (Kids for less has some now), solid white tank top (or solid white t-shirt), black tap shoes.

Tiny Ballet & Jazz (age 5-7 Sat.)– (“Chilin’ Like a Villain” from Descendants 2) Black leggings, pink or purple sparkly top (solid color.)

Tiny Tap (age 5-7 SAT)– (“Gonna Take You There” from Princess and the Frog) Black leggings, green sparkly top**Boys: Black pants and green t-shirt. Black tap shoes.

Tiny Hip Hop & Tumbles (TUES & SAT)– (“I Like to Move It” by Crazy Frog) Any leotard of your choice, any shorts of your choice, bare feet! **Boys: black pants and any color t-shirt.

RDX Tiny Dancers (Thu) (“A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”) Any nightgown of your choice.

Tiny Irish Step (Sat) Green dress, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, hair in a low bun tied with a green ribbon. If you want little fairy wings can be worn.


Kids Hip Hop Jazz (Sat)– Green top of choice, black dance pants, black dance sneakers

Kids Acro 1 (Sat)– (“Confident”) Black leotard, colored shorts of their choice, bare feet.

Lyrical 1/2 (Sat) – (“Inside Your Heaven”) Black leggings, light pink flowy top.

Disney Ballet 1 – (“Be Our Guest”) Blue or yellow pastel dress (solid color), OR top and skirt of the same color. Pink tights, pink ballet slippers. (Think of Belle from Beauty and the Beast!)

Kids Hip hop 1– (Wed) (“It’s My Turn Now” by Keke Palmer) Black leggings, bright colored tank top (solid), black sneakers.

Tap 1– (“Jailhouse Rock”) Blue jeans, white t-shirt with sleeves rolled up, black tap shoes.

Lyrical Ballet 1 (Tues)– (“Can I Have This Dance? From High School Musical) Black calf-length leggings, and red or gold flowy top.

B-BOYS HIP HOP: All black. Black sneakers.

HIP HOP & STEP: Black bottoms (any kind), a solid color top that is any one color in the rainbow (no white, black, grey, etc.) Black sneakers.


Tap 2– (“Can’t Hold Us”) Black sweatpants, white tank top for girls, white t-shirt for boys. Black tap shoes.

Jazz 2Black leggings, gray t-shirt, bare feet.

Hip Hop2 –Bright neon colors (no words/logos), black leggings, sneakers.

Lyrical 2– Black leggings, blue flowy top, bare feet or tan paws.


Tap 3- (“Too Darn Hot”) Sleeveless red top, red skirt or dance shorts OR red sleeveless dress. Black fishnets, black tap shoes (heels optional).

Contemporary Lyrical 3– Black Shorts & Black Leotard with Long Cardigan Sweater & Bare feet.

Jazz 3 – Black shorts with Billowy Tank Top (Floral) and Bandeau Headband coordinating same color. Tan Jazz Shoes.

Hip Hop 3– Black leggings, loose black shirt with long sleeves or hood.


Adult Tap: black leggings, white shirt with a collar (long sleeves), brightly colored tie (patterned ties are okay!)

Adult Basic Ballet: Black leggings, any pastel flowy shirt, pink ballet shoes.

Burlesque: Any kind of black, off-the-should top with a brightly colored bralette underneath, black dance shorts, high heels, black fishnet stockings (you can buy them here at Revive!)

Belly Dancing Students:  See Mrs. Lulu