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Dress Code

For students taking adult dance and fitness classes, there is NO DRESS CODE. We do ask you to wear proper gym or dance attire to classes and put long hair up into a bun or braid.


A dress code lends a professional look to classes and sends the message to students and observers that the staff of Revive Dance Xchange takes the training they provide seriously. A dress code creates an added sense of discipline in the classroom and equality among the students. Students are not as easily distracted if they are wearing similar dance wardrobes. Baggy clothing also makes it difficult to observe the technical corrections needed to build strong dancers.

  • Black leotard must be worn by all female tween, teen, adult, and teamdancers
  • Tiny dancers may wear a leotard and tights in the color of their choice
  • Black, pink or tan tights may be worn with the leotard
  • No BAGGY clothes allowed
  • Black capris and ballet shorts are allowed. No baggy pants or shirts
  • Men may wear a solid color t-shirt with capris or shorts
  • Long hair must be put in a ballet bun or braid. No exceptions!
  • Appropriate dance shoes are required for ballet and tap

If a dancer does not adhere to the dress code, they will not be allowed to take the class and will be asked to observe.

Each student’s hair must be in a ballet bun or braid for EVERY class! To make sure classes begin on time please always do hair at home and arrive at the studio ready to dance!

**Please note: There is no dress code for all Fitness classes. Students may wear any regular gym/fitness attire to class.


We fully understand that dance training can be expensive, therefore we do not require all classes to purchase a costume. Recreational classes do not pay a costume fee and dancers in those classes won’t be asked to purchase a costume. By the first week of October, an announcement will be made regarding costume elements, which typically involve matched color dancewear that can be worn again.

All Company/Team dancers will be required to purchase costumes for performances and competition.