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General Information
Dance Placement

The instructors will determine the level of placement.
Ages are just a guide to where a dancer is placed

Studio Attire

(Tiny’s) Regular dance attire – No Strict color code
(Levels 1-3) Black leatard or tank top. Black fitted dance capris or tan/black tights. Any color dance
shorts are allowed. In Ballet Class you are required to wear a leotard and pink tights with ballet skirt.
(Adults) Gym/Dance clothes of any color
Footwear – Proper footwear is required for all classes. See front desk for details.
Also for more information concerning the Student Dress Code follow this link.

Dance Team Requirements

• 4 Hours of techniques classes per week. 1 hour must be ballet and the other 3 are dancers choice.
• Must be invited into team. Auditions can be made at the front desk. Team closes out  Nov. 1st
• Privates may be required for some students on the dance team.

The Pageant Xchange

• Open to all students of ages 4+ who want to do pageants
• Must attend pageant Xchange class
• Students must be enrolled into our private training program
• Students will attend approx. (4) pageants yearly