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Studio Policies

RDX Payment Policy

Revive Dance Xchange LLC payment policy is broken into 10 installments. These installments are broken into monthly payments. The dance year is 39 weeks (September – June) broken into 10 monthly installments: excluding payment 9 & 10 will be due together in May. All Revive Ballroom Xchange payments are handled independently of these monthly installments. 

This system is developed to help make it easier for our dance families. Please understand installment 9 & 10 must be collected in full in May to close out our books for this dance season. This also helps make the transition into our end of the year recital a smooth one for all. Please note you are not being charged for weeks RDX is not in session due to holiday/school breaks. However, we do offer a free make up policy if you shall miss class for any reason but we are not able to offer any refunds for any missed classes. An two-week notice must be made to our front desk in written form before the next installment date for us to cancel or put your account on hold.

Tuition payments are due by the 3rd of each installment date/month. Tuition received after the 7th will incur a $15 late fee. When accounts are past due they require more attention and time from our staff, because of this we must enforce our policy of the late fee charge of $15. Any returned checks will incur a $25 service fee and the late fee charge will be added to the clients account.

For students enrolled in our personal training programs for dance, fitness and therapy we must require a 24-hour notice of cancellation. Our staff’s time is very important and valuable because of this a $35 service fee will be charged for late cancellations if a session is cancelled within 4 hours to allotted time slot the full payment for the session will be charged.

Cash, Check and Credit card payment policy

Payments made in cash or check for our monthly tuition will be discounted $5 which is the tuition marked on your payment card. Payments made by credit card will result in an increase of $5 higher than discounted tuition listed. We offer this discount to help lower our transaction costs and to give a discounted option to our RDX clientele.

Tuition paid in full for 5 months will receive a 5% discount and tuition paid in full for the dance year will receive 10% discount resulting in a Free Month of Dance. Discounts cannot be applied to private lessons.

Dancing at your own risk at RDX

Students and parents taking classes at Revive Dance Xchange must understand that they are participating at their own risk and take full responsibility if any injury shall incur. Therapy clients taken part in our therapy programs must understand they are taking part in the alethic/physical therapy program at their own risk and they cannot hold the therapist or Revive Dance Xchange responsible for any injuries that in the very unlikelihood could result.

Policies are subject to change

Revive Dance Xchange prides in providing a safe and positive environment to its members. If you are being disrespectful in any manner we deserve the right to ask you to leave with no refund for that installment date. Classes with only two or less students in them will be either cancelled or the class time could be decreased for that day.

Taking classes at RDX

Dance Placement:

  1. The instructors will determine the level of placement for all classes. Age is used as general guideline for ability levels.
  2. All levels may be a mixture of all ages. Levels will be decided by teachers. Adults always welcome in all levels. Generally:
    Pre Dance: Ages 1-6
    Level 1: Ages 7-10
    Level 2: Ages 11-14
    Level 3: Ages 15-adult
    Fitness Classes – Ages 11 & up

All students taking part in our RDX programs must adhere to our dress code and be respectful of our house rules. Students not in proper dress will not be able to take part in class and no refund will be given for that class.

Overall our policies are set in place to provide a fair and safe environment for all members of Revive Dance Xchange. Having the policies in place it decreases the misunderstandings and allows the studio to run smoothly. Please be respectful of our policies and our staff. Our main goal is to provide a fun nurturing place for everyone to learn and grow.

Thank you

Director of Revive Dance Xchange

Candy A Dennis & RDX Staff