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Annual Recital 2017

Location: Beverly High School

Friday, June 16: Dress Rehearsal (3:30 p.m.) Note: This is a closed rehearsal for dancers ONLY.

Saturday, June 17: Dance Recital! (2 p.m.- 5 p.m.) VIP Members get in early at 1PM (You must buy a recital package to become VIP no exceptions)

Hello dancers and families! We are so happy to have you as participants in our end of the year recital! Allow us to start you off with some highly useful information and some important things to remember about our show:

All dance students are expected to be at the dress rehearsal and for the performance no later than 3:00 PM. This is to ensure that students have adequate time to settle in to the dressing rooms and to adequately prepare themselves for the show, and so that audience members may also settle in to the auditorium to watch their family members and friends dance.

CONDUCT (for dancers):

Once the show begins, please remain in the dressing rooms until your performance has been called.
DO NOT make any noise backstage, especially when lining up to perform next. The audience can hear you, and so can your fellow dancers who are already onstage!
Make sure you check and double-check the order of performance. It makes it a lot easier to organize costumes and be ready to go onstage!
When the show is over, please make sure all of your belongings are with you, including trash. We are a part of a respectful dance studio community and we do not want to leave a mess behind.

STAGE APPEARANCE (to complement costumes):

Listed below are makeup supplies and application instructions for female dancers. Makeup for those in the Tiny Dance program will be at the parent/guardian’s discretion.

Revive Dance Xchange: Performance Makeup

  • Foundation
  • Blush/Bronzer (whichever blends better with skin tone)
  • Eyeliner (black)
  • Eyeshadow (gold color, light earth tone for highlight, matte white or cream color to make gold pop)
  • Eyebrow pencil (optional)
  • Mascara (black)
  • Lipstick
  • Foam applicator for foundation
  • Brushes/applicators for eyeshadow and blush


1) Apply foundation- cover entire face equally and evenly using a foam applicator. Remember to blend into edges, especially at your chin and neck for an all around even look. Please use a color that matches your skin tone!
2) Line top of eyelid with eyeliner. ¾ of lid should be lined, do not go all the way to the inside corner. Hint: Try placing your finger on the outside corner of your eye. Pull outward to create a smooth surface over your eye. It’s much easier to apply eyeliner to a smooth surface.
3) Take the four shades of eyeshadow, one for primer, one for your lid, one for your crease, and one for the browbone. The lightest shade is used to “highlight.” Apply the matte first to create a base for the gold so that it may be seen on stage, since gold tends to be more on the sparkly side than solid. From there, apply the gold to the lid and the highlight color to the inside of the eye and to the browbone.
4) Apply mascara
5) Apply eyeliner to bottom lid, again ¾ of lid should be lined, do not go all the way to inside corner.
6) If you have light eyebrows, you may use an eyebrow pencil or matching eyeliner to gently, slightly darken and define eyebrows.
7) Apply blush/bronzer- Hint: Suck cheeks in and apply where your face indents in
8) Apply lipstick- Hint: remember to put a tissue or napkin or finger in mouth to pull out any excess lipstick that would otherwise end up on your teeth.

Remember: Makeup for stage is not the same as makeup for everyday wear. Harsh stage lighting and video/photography equipment require much more makeup than you may be used to wearing. If someone is three feet away from you and can’t tell you have makeup on, put more on!
Other things to remember:

On stage you cannot wear:

Jewelry unless part of costume
Extra hair ties around your wrist
Nail polish
Exposed undergarments

Also remember:

Bring safety pins & bobby pins
Bring proper undergarments (and multiples in case of problems, e.g. run in tights)

Recital Packages 2017 – $215

Recital packages at Revive Dance Xchange are money saving deals that allow you to purchase show tickets and mementos of the show in advance! Listed below are our packages and our a la carte item options:

Deluxe Package Includes:

(1) T-shirt (exclusive 2017)

(1) Program Book

(4) Tickets

(1) Professional DVD

(2) Master Production Classes (allows student to participate in finale production number at the start of the show.

A La Carte Option

DVD $65 includes tax

Extra T-Shirts $30 includes tax

Flower Bundles at Location $9

Tickets $20 for Adults / $10 for Kids Under Age 4

Tickets will be sold at door, too!

Save Big! Buy a Package Today!

Please note that all recital package payments must be fully paid by April 15 so that we may order them. Tuition must be paid off before receiving package in June.

Costume List

This information will be here as soon as it is finalized, please check back.